You can view a non-aggregated, monthly usage report for each production vCloud Usage Meter instance. The monthly usage report provides information about the metered product, the metered unit type, and associated consumption, including data usage information for VMware Cloud Provider Program bundles.

The per-instance monthly usage report is anonymized to hide sensitive data like virtual machine name, hostname, and user name. To learn how to deanonymize the data, see the De-Anonymization of Reports topic within the vCloud Usage Meter documentation.


  • At least one vCloud Usage Meter instance is registered with Commerce Portal.


  1. Click Reports on the top left menu.
  2. From the change um drop-down menu, select the vCloud Usage Meter instance for which you want to view a report.
  3. From the top pane, select the month and year of the report.


The table displays the monthly usage report for the selected vCloud Usage Meter instance and month.
Table 1. Monthly Usage Report Details
Report Column Description
Product Metered product.
Bundle Metered bundle.
Unit of Measure Unit being measured.
Units to be Reported Quantity for the listed unit.