You can download a report bundle with the aggregated monthly usage data from your production vCloud Usage Meter instances for a period of 36 months back. You can review the Commerce Portal aggregated data, the per-site aggregated data, the per-customer aggregated data, and the raw usage data, for all registered vCloud Usage Meter instances.

If your vCloud Usage Meter instances have not reported the monthly usage data for the selected month, an error message displays.

Bundle is not available

If the status of your vCloud Usage Meter instance is red, you can download only the raw usage data reports for your Production and Test vCloud Usage Meter instances. For more information, see How do I check my vCloud Usage Meter reporting status.


  • Your vCloud Usage Meter instances are registered with Commerce Portal.
  • A full reporting month is complete and the monthly usage data from your vCloud Usage Meter instances is submitted successfully to Commerce Portal. For more information, see How do I view my monthly operational status.


  1. Click Reports on the top left menu.
  2. From the change UM drop down menu, select the vCloud Usage Meter instance.
  3. From the top pane, select the report bundle year and month, and click the arrow button to download it.
    The your-partner-ID_reported-year_reported-month file is saved to your computer.


You can review the different sets of reported data in the contract-number folder.
To review... Open...
Commerce Portal aggregated data Monthly_Usage.tsv
Per-site aggregated data sites> site_ID_partnerID_Monthly_Usage.tsv
Per-customer aggregated data customers> customer_ID_Monthly_Usage.tsv
Raw usage data for Production and Test vCloud Usage Meter instances original_reports> usage_meter_UUID folder