vCloud Usage Insight automates the aggregation and reporting of vCloud Usage Meter product consumption data to VMware Cloud Provider Commerce Portal®. From vCloud Usage Insight you can download the Monthly Usage Report (MUR), Virtual Machine History Report (VMHR), and the Cluster History Report (CHR).

After you register your vCloud Usage Meter instances with Commerce Portal, all collected product consumption data is automatically aggregated and populated into Commerce Portal per the Service Level Agreement. The data is not submitted without your approval.

vCloud Usage Insight Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) period for the automatic aggregation of the monthly product consumption data from vCloud Usage Meter instances, and reporting from vCloud Usage Insight to the Commerce Portal, is the first three calendar days of the new month. To avoid creating a conflict, do not populate manually the monthly product consumption data into the Commerce Portal during the first three days of the month.

All data transferred between the vCloud Usage Meter appliance and vCloud Usage Insight is anonymized to remove sensitive data like a virtual machine name, hostname, and end-user name.

The vCloud Usage Insight service supports per-contract and per-site reporting, and automates the end-user product consumption reporting.

Data synchronization between Commerce Portal and vCloud Usage Insight

To establish the accurate reporting of the monthly product consumption data, all sites, contracts, and provider ID information is synchronized between Commerce Portal and vCloud Usage Insight on a daily basis. If there is a change in site, the change is automatically synchronized with vCloud Usage Insight within the next 24 hours. In rarer occasions, if your contract information or provider ID have changed, these changes are synchronized manually between the Commerce Portal and the vCloud Usage Insight Operations Team.

Depending on the situation, you might have to carry out certain tasks to ensure that the automatic reporting from vCloud Usage Insight to Commerce Portal is accurate and successful.