You can update the information for the registered vCloud Usage Meter instances in vCloud Usage Insight.


Your vCloud Usage Meter instances are registered with Commerce Portal.


  1. In the top left pane, click Usage Meters.
    A table with all registered vCloud Usage Meter instances opens.
  2. To edit the selected vCloud Usage Meter instance details, follow the steps.
    1. Click the vertical ellipsis icon on the left of the vCloud Usage Meter Label, and click Edit.
      The Updating Usage Meter appliance Label ID opens. You can update the vCloud Usage Meter instance details.
      Option Description
      Label Update the name for your vCloud Usage Meter instance.
      Contract Verify your contract ID number.
      • Production - Usage data is aggregated and sent to Commerce Portal. This is the default mode.
      • Test - Disables the aggregation and automatic reporting to Commerce Portal.

      If you are updating the details for a vCloud Usage Meter 4.1 instance, verify the Usage Meter 4.1 slider is moved to the right.

    2. To apply the updates for your vCloud Usage Meter instance, click Save.