VMware vCloud Usage Meter | 23 MAY 2022 | Build 19821071

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What's New

The VMware vCloud Usage Meter release introduces changes in the permissions of the umscheduler local user account that are necessary for automated maintenance and cleanup operations.

Configuration Maximums

To view the tested scale and the VMware-recommended concurrency limits, see VMware Configuration Maximums.


You can install vCloud Usage Meter as an in-place upgrade on top of vCloud Usage Meter 4.x. For information, see Upgrading and Migrating the vCloud Usage Meter Appliance.

If you are upgrading from vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x to version, in the vCloud Usage Meter Web interface, you must manually accept the certificates for all metered product servers.

Resolved Issues

  • After deploying or upgrading to vCloud Usage Meter 4.5, the system stops creating the umhealth_<date>.log log files

    After deploying a new vCloud Usage Meter 4.5 appliance or upgrading to vCloud Usage Meter 4.5, the system stops running the umhealth cron jobs. As a result, the daily umhealth_<date>.log log files are missing from the opt/vmware/cloudusagemetering/var/logs/ directory.

    In vCloud Usage Meter 4.5, the local user account umscheduler runs the umhealth cron jobs. The system stops running the umhealth cron jobs, because the umscheduler account does not have sufficient privileges.

Known Issues

  • After upgrading from vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x to version 4.5, the status for a product consumption server becomes blank

    In vCloud Usage Meter 4.1.x, if a product consumption server cannot be metered due to invalid credentials or certificate, after upgrading to vCloud Usage Meter 4.5, the status for this product consumption server becomes blank.

    Workaround: Delete the product consumption server and re-register it with vCloud Usage Meter 4.5.

  • Site Recovery Manager consumption data is missing from the product consumption report

    If you configure Storage Profile Protection Groups (SPPG) on a Site Revovery Manager instance, vCloud Usage Meter cannot collect product consumption data from the virtual machines associated with the SPPG. 

    Workaround: There is no workaround at this time.

  • After upgrade to vCloud Usage Meter 4.5, SSH to the vCloud Usage Meter console results in a WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! error message

    After upgrade to this release, when you SSH for the first time to the vCloud Usage Meter console, you receive an error message.

    WARNING: REMOTE HOST IDENTIFICATION HAS CHANGED! This happens because after upgrading, the vCloud Usage Meter host ID is changed in the library.

    Workaround: From the known_hosts file, delete the old host ID, and accept the new one.

    1. Log in to the vCloud Usage Meter console as root.
    2. Open the known_hosts file for editing by using a text editor such as vi.

      vi /etc/known_hosts

    3. Delete the old host ID.
    4. Save the /etc/known_hosts file.


    5. SSH to the vCloud Usage Meter console and confirm the connection to the host ID.
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