The vRealize AI Cloud page is where you can see the optimization status of your data centers and clusters.

Where You Find vRealize AI Cloud

There are two ways you can access vRealize AI Cloud.

In vRealize Operations Cloud, from the Home screen, select vRealize AI Cloud under Optimize Performance, in the left navigation pane. From the Quick Start screen, select vRealize AI Cloud in the left-most column.

On the VMware Cloud Services menu, select the organization that contains your vRealize AI Cloud service account and log in to the vRealize AI Cloud service.

The vRealize AI Cloud Page Options

In the center of the vRealize AI Cloud page, you see a circular graphic. This graphic provides you with an overview of the status of your data centers. The outermost disc in the circular graphic is divided into segments. Each segment represents one of your data centers.

When you click a segment, you see data in the center of the disc. This data shows how vRealize AI Cloud is working for that data center.

vRealize AI Cloud can be in one of the following optimization states for a data center or cluster, based on what it is currently doing:
  • Optimized
  • Under-performing
  • Learning
  • Can Benefit
  • Low Benefit/Unknown

A colored dot in the circular graphic indicates the optimization state. A legend in the bottom left of the vRealize AI Cloud page tells you which color represents which state.

On the right side of the screen is a collapsible pane which displays data under two tabs:
  • vSAN Optimizer. Optimizes your vSAN cluster and displays metrics to show how vRealize AI Cloud is affecting the performance.
  • Storage Policy Genie. Suggests configuration changes to the predominant storage policy inside the cluster to improve performance or capacity. The predominant storage policy is the policy associated with most VMs in the cluster.