Welcome to the documentation for the component services of VMware vRealize ® Automation Cloud™.

What Cloud services are included?

Use these links or the links in the navigation to the left to find out more about the different services.

  • VMware Cloud Assembly

    Construct workload specifications as VMware Cloud Templates. Learn how to make them available to your business groups and deploy them to your cloud vendor resources. Start building your infrastructure and cloud templates.

  • VMware Service Broker

    Provide a catalog of templates and actions to your VMware Service Broker™ consumers. Learn how to apply governance and manage deployed workloads. Begin creating your consumer catalog.

  • VMware Code Stream

    Support your DevOps life cycle with pipelines, endpoints, and dashboards using VMware Code Stream™. Learn how to plan a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CICD) build and create a pipeline for it. Start modeling your DevOps integrations and delivery.

How do I begin?

The documentation for each service includes a Getting Started guide. It takes you through a workflow to produce your first results. Along the way, look at the signpost help on various user input text boxes to help you if you are uncertain about what values to provide. For more about a feature, open the contextual help in the support panel by clicking the Help icon (?). You can find more in-depth information there, and it provides links to this documentation.

As you use the vRealize Automation Cloud documentation, we want you to know that we value inclusion at VMware. To foster this principle within our customer, partner, and internal community, we removed non-inclusive language from our documentation.

Two screenshots showing help. Help includes signpost help and the support panel help.

Where can I sign up to use these services?

  • To get it now, you can sign up at VMware Cloud.
  • To use the services in a guided training environment, enroll in the Hands-on-Lab for vRealize Automation Cloud.

How do I learn more about the vRealize Automation Cloud APIs?

To help you use the vRealize Automation Cloud APIs, VMware provides two types of documentation. Both are intended for administrators and programmers who want to configure and manage vRealize Automation Cloud programmatically using the REST API.

vRealize Automation Cloud API Reference Includes OpenAPI files for all REST API service calls.

To access the OpenAPI files from a single landing page, log in to the vRealize Automation Cloud console and go to https://$vRA/automation-ui/api-docs, where $vRA denotes your vRealize Automation Cloud instance.

vRealize Automation Cloud API Programming Guide

Provides common use cases including sample requests and responses.