The SaltStack Config installer requires a few important packages in order to run correctly. If you don’t install these dependencies, the SaltStack Config installer will fail during either installation scenarios.


These steps are part of the pre-installation process for a standard installation of SaltStack Config. This guide explains how to install or upgrade Salt on the node that you are using to run an installation. For instructions on how to install Salt on the rest of your infrastructure after the standard installation, see Install Salt on your infrastructure.

These dependencies must be installed on all nodes that are involved in the installation. In a standard installation, you must install these dependencies on all nodes that will host the Salt master, RaaS, the Redis database, and the PostgreSQL database:

  • OpenSSL
  • Extra Packages for Enterprise Linux (EPEL)
  • Python cryptography
  • Python OpenSSL library

To check that these dependencies are present:

  1. In the terminal, verify that these dependencies are installed on each node:
    sudo yum list installed | grep openssl
    sudo yum list installed | grep epel-release
    sudo yum list installed | grep python36-cryptography
    sudo yum list installed | grep python36-pyOpenSSL
  2. If the dependencies are not present, install the dependencies:
    sudo yum install openssl
    sudo yum install epel-release -y
    sudo yum install python36-cryptography
    sudo yum install python36-pyOpenSSL

    Ensure that you install the python36-pyOpenSSL package. It is necessary to configure SSL after installation, but this step must be complete before installation.

What to do next

After all dependencies are installed, see Install Salt (pre-installation).