If your network deployed Salt extensively before you decided to install SaltStack Config, be aware of the changes that occur to your Salt environment when installing SaltStack Config.

The following changes will impact your Salt environment during installation:

  • RaaS backend services (file system, pillar store, and so on) take precedence over any other existing backends defined in your environment. You can continue to use all supported backend services. However, files that exist in the SaltStack Config user interface will take precedence if they also exist in other file or pillar backends. For information about changing this behavior, see the product documentation.
  • RaaS replaces the Salt master syndic component to provide minion aggregation and scale. Salt Syndic Salt masters are not compatible with the SaltStack Config architecture. Instead, each root Salt master connects directly to RaaS.

Existing Salt states, configuration settings, and minion connections are unchanged. No changes are required on the minion to use SaltStack Config.