After creating your custom checks and benchmarks, you can create a custom content library.


Create and test custom content using the SDK


  1. Open the command line and navigate to the Custom Content SDK root directory.
  2. To build your custom content library, run the ./secops_sdk build -a command.
    After running the command, the SDK root directory includes the _dist subdirectory and two tar.gz files you can use to import your custom content.
  3. To import your content, click Administration > SecOps from the side menu.
  4. Under Compliance Content - SaltStack, click Check for updates.
  5. Click Upload Package and select the tar.gz file.
    Note: To make your custom checks easier to navigate, use the file containing a timestamp in the filename. You can also import content using the API (RaaS), or alternatively, through the command line during installation. See Sec API interface or the SaltStack Config Installation documentation.


Your custom content is available in SaltStack SecOps Compliance for building policies, running assessments, and remediating your systems.