You can authenticate and access your SaltStack Config instance using the VMware Cloud Service Console.

The VMware Cloud Services Console enables you to manage your entire VMware Cloud services portfolio across hybrid and native public clouds. Along with the ability to manage users and groups, billing, organizations, and OAuth apps, the Cloud Services Console also includes a services catalog.

The services catalog is the first page that opens when you log in to Cloud Services Console. Each catalog item is represented by a separate card which displays information about the service. If a service is available in your organization, you can request access by clicking the link on the service card.
From the … You can ...
Services > Organization tab
  • Under the My Services section of the page, you can find all services for which you already have service roles assigned to you. Click a service card to launch a service.
  • The Other Services section provides a list of all services in your organization for which you don't have service roles assigned to you.

    All access requests have to be approved by an organization owner. For information about submitting an access request for service roles, see How do I request additional roles.

Services > Recommended tab See a list of service recommendations based on your current service subscriptions.
Services > All tab Browse or filter the full VMware Cloud Services catalog. You can filter the services catalog by category and pricing model.
Any page under Services Use the Search for a service box in the upper right corner of the page to find relevant services by keyword.

For more information on using the Cloud Services Console, see the VMware Cloud Services Documentation.

From the services catalog, you can request access to the SaltStack Config service. After requesting access, you can click the SaltStack Config service tile from the Cloud Services homepage to launch the SSC interface.

Before you begin

Access the SaltStack Config Service

  1. Sign into VMware Cloud Services.
  2. From the Services tab, type SaltStack Config in the Search for a service search box.
  3. On the SaltStack Config service tile, click Access to request access.

  4. Complete the service onboarding request form and click Submit.

Result: Once access is granted, you are notified via email and the SaltStack Config service tile appears on your VMware Cloud Services Console homepage. To launch SaltStack Config Cloud, click Launch Service.

What's Next

After you request access to the service, you can connect your Salt masters to SaltStack Config Cloud.