Read some of the common errors that users experience using the SaltStack Config interface and how to fix them.

Pages not loading

If a page or section of a page fails to load, clicking the Reload button that appears on some pages or clicking the browser refresh button often fixes the issue.

You might also encounter situations where a lack of permissions is also causing pages or page elements to not load correctly. The following issues are often caused by insufficient permissions:

  • Error loading users
  • Blank roles page
  • Blank file system page
  • A red X after clicking Add on the Pillar page

If you encounter one of these issues, contact a Salt administrator to verify that your role membership and role privileges are set correctly.

Button labels are truncated

If button label text is partially cut off, or if the SaltStack Config user interface is otherwise not displaying correctly, make sure you are using the latest version of one of the following web browsers.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox

Reporting a bug

To report a bug, contact Support, providing the following information:

  • How to reproduce the issue in your environment using as few steps as possible.
  • Any relevant screenshots in the SaltStack Config user interface.
  • The “Version Info” as displayed in the “Help” dialog in the SaltStack Config user interface.
  • From the RaaS server: * The contents of /etc/raas/raas, with any secret information (e.g. passwords) scrubbed. * The contents of /var/log/raas/raas.
  • If the problem is specific to a particular Salt master: * The contents of /etc/salt/master.d/raas.conf on the Salt master server, with any secret information (e.g. passwords) scrubbed. * The contents of /var/log/salt/master.
  • Deliver the files to SaltStack support.