The Reports workspace provides an overview of important metrics in your SaltStack Config environment, such as number of licenses available and used, or the Salt version installed on different nodes. You can view reports under the Home screen. Reports update automatically to reflect the current state of your system.

Report data is provided for all minions. However, some reports can be filtered by target group. See Minions for more information.

In the Reports workspace, you can view important metrics in your SaltStack Config environment. The workspace provides downloads and a graph for each report type. You can also adjust the columns displayed for each report, as well as filter column data. Reports are available in either JSON or CSV format.

Types of reports

The SaltStack Config user interface includes several reports to provide an overview of important metrics in your SaltStack Config environment.

Report data is provided for all minions. However, some reports can be filtered by target group.

Minions are nodes running the minion service, which can listen to commands from a Salt master and perform the requested tasks. A target is the group of minions, across one or many Salt masters, that a job’s Salt command applies to. A Salt master can also be managed like a minion and can be a target if it is running the minion service. See Minions for more information.

Report Description
Key state State of all minion keys. A minion key allows encrypted communication between a Salt master (formerly called the Salt master) and Salt minion. For more on keys, see Minion Keys.
Licenses Number of SaltStack Config licenses used and number of licenses available. This report includes a line graph that shows a history of license usage over time. The License report cannot be downloaded. For more on licensing, talk to your administrator.
Salt Master version Salt master version installed on all Salt masters.
Minion version Salt minion version installed on minions within the selected target group.
OS version Operating system installed on nodes within the selected target group.
Presence Presence status of minions in the selected target group. Presence indicates whether SaltStack Config has received any job data from a minion recently, within a defined interval. See Minion presence for more information.

Accessing the Reports workspace

To access the Reports workspace, click Reports on the side menu.

Viewing reports

To view a report, select any report in the Reports workspace. See Types of reports for a description of the reports.

Filtering and sorting table columns

You can filter each column by selecting its filter icon filter-icon and selecting or typing your filter criteria. To clear a filter, click the Clear Filters button above the report table.

You can also sort a column by selecting the column name. To customize which columns display in the table, click the Show columns button show-columns-icon in the lower left corner of the table.

Note: Filters, column sorting, and column visibility settings are persistent for a given user, regardless of the device used to log in. This means that when a particular user logs in, he or she sees the same filtering, sorting, and visibility settings the next time he or she logs in until the filters are cleared or the sorting and visibility settings are changed.

Downloading reports

Reports can be exported to JSON or CSV formats. To export a report:

  1. In the Reports workspace, click the tab for the report you want to download.
  2. Click More actions to open a menu and select either JSON or CSV.
    Note: Not all tables in the Reports workspace provide the option to select specific rows for export. If a report doesn’t have check boxes next to each row, that means row selection is unavailable. In these cases, you can still export the data in the report as long as the More actions menu is available above the table. The entire data in the report is exported rather than specific rows.

The report begins downloading in your browser. The report includes all available data from the rows in the report regardless of any filters you have applied.