As a cloud administrator, you set up the provisioning infrastructure, and then proceed with the migration.


Complete the pre-setup migration steps. See How to access vRealize Cloud Connect.


  1. Log in to VMware Cloud, select VMware Aria Hub Subscription, and then click Cloud Connect.
  2. Select a Aria Suite product, then select the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager version from the drop-down list, and click START MIGRATIONS.
  3. In Start Migrations, complete the required options.
    1. Cloud Onboarding
      • vRealize Cloud Connect provisions an instance of vRealize Network Insight cloud in trial mode if the organization had not provisioned an instance. After the vRealize Network Insight cloud instance is successfully provisioned, the status shows Complete.
      • Click Next.
    2. Collector Provisioning
      • vRealize Cloud Connect collects information about your current set of collectors and provisions new collectors for the vRealize Network Insight cloud instance.
      • Click EDIT to change the configuration details of the Cloud collectors. Add the necessary changes in the Review Details page and click SAVE.
        • To assign a user role in the vCenter server of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, see Assign a User Role in vCenter.
        • The collector deployment may take several minutes to complete. You can exit the application and check the deployment status after a short period of time.
        • Physical flow collectors are not supported.
      • When the deployment status of all the available collectors shows Complete, click Next.
    3. User Mapping
      • Verify the list of users for your vRealize Network Insight cloud instances. Click MAP USER to view the on-premise user details.
      • Click START MAPPING. After the content of the on-premise users are mapped to the selected Cloud users, the status shows Complete.
      • Click Next.
    4. Content Migration
      • vRealize Cloud Connect displays the user and system specific content from your on-premises software. Click MIGRATE to start the migration process.
      • After the migration, click GO TO HOMEPAGE.

What to do next

On successfully completing the migration, you can see the migrated status in the home page of vRealize Cloud Connect.