The endpoints in vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager on AWS GovCloud (US) help you to collect license usage data for your on-premise vRealize Suite products, after you connect the license keys from the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager locker to your vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager on AWS GovCloud (US) service. For multi-organizations, you can now connect the same license in your primary organization or secondary organization. You can also upload the on-premise license usage data from your primary organization to your secondary organization.


Deploy the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance.


  1. Use a supported Web browser (Chrome, IE, or Mozilla FireFox) to connect to your vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager appliance by using the IP address or host name of the appliance.
    https://IP address/vrlcm
    Note: You can also access vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager using the URL https:// IP address. The URL http:// IP address does not successfully redirect to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
  2. Enter the administrator user name and default administrator password, and then click Log In.
  3. Navigate to the Lifecycle Operations dashboard, and then click Settings.
  4. Click My VMware and add a MyVMware account that is used to procure the vRealize Cloud or vRealize Cloud Universal subscription. After your My VMware account is configured, then the corresponding license key is synced.
  5. From the Lifecycle Operations dashboard, click Locker, and then click License.
  6. From the available list of vRealize Cloud licenses, select the vRealize Cloud license that you can use to connect to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager on AWS GovCloud (US), and then click the vertical ellipses to view available actions for the selected license key.
  7. Click Connect License.
  8. Provide a API token to connect the vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager on AWS GovCloud (US) license to a VMware Cloud Organization for the subscription redeemed, and then click Next.
  9. Under Match License Key, if vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager finds a matching license key for the subscription associated to the cloud organization which provides the API token, it shows that a match is found.
  10. Under Report Frequency, you receive a confirmation that you are connected to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager on AWS GovCloud (US), and your data use is reported to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager on AWS GovCloud (US) twice a day.
  11. Click Finish.
    Note: After you connect to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, you can view the endpoint in vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager. For each endpoint, you can view the license key details, user name, last updated date, and the expiration date.
  12. If you want to disconnect a license in vRealize Lifecycle Manager, right-click the vertical ellipses for a selected license, and then click Disconnect License.
  13. When prompted for a confirmation to delete the license, click Disconnect.