vRealize Cloud Connect helps to onboard vRealize Network Insight on-premises software to vRealize Network Insight Cloud by automating the onboarding process.

With vRealize Cloud Connect, an instance of vRealize Network Insight Cloud in trial mode is automatically provisioned if no instance exists. This newly provisioned instance or any existing vRealize Network Insight Cloud instance is connected to your on-premises infrastructure, and the required collectors are provisioned for data collection. The vRealize Network Insight on-premises content is then copied to vRealize Network Insight Cloud instance to provide the same administrative experience when using the on-premises instance.

vRealize Cloud Connect supports the following content types.
  • SNMP
  • SMTP
  • Web Proxy
  • Data Sources
  • Events
  • LDAP
  • vIDM
  • User Data
  • Physical Subnet VLAN
  • Physical IP DNS Mapping
  • System Configuration
  • East West IP
  • North South IP
  • Data Management
  • Online Update Status
  • CEIP Status
  • Audit Logs Pii Status
  • Pinboards
    Note: vRealize Cloud Connect does not support migration of Syslog content type.

How to access vRealize Cloud Connect

This section tells you how to access vRealize Cloud Connect and start the migration process.

  1. Use your VMware Cloud administrator credentials and log in to the VMware Cloud Services console.
  2. Select Services, and then click the vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager service tile.

  3. Select Cloud Connect, and then click the pre-setup migration steps.

    To complete your registration in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, see How to register vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager with vRealize Cloud Connect.

  4. Proceed with the migration process. See How to migrate vRealize Network Insight using vRealize Cloud Connect Insight.