Can I access vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager if I do not have vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager?

Yes, if you want to use only VMware Cloud services, you do not require vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

Why can't I see any data in the charts of the vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager Home Page?

As a vRealize Cloud Universal user, if you are not using on-premise or cloud services, you can not see any data in the Home Page. You can view data once you start using your cloud services or if you add vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager as an endpoint for on-premise consumption.

How do I apply vRealize Cloud Universal license keys to vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations Manager, or other vRealize on-premise products?

You must install vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, get the license keys into vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager by downloading it manually or by adding the MyVMware account in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and then replacing the license keys for these products through vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

What can I do if no data is displayed in the charts after adding endpoints?

Verify your endpoints that are active for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. If any of your endpoints are inactive, log in to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, and then reconnect to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager. Also, if your license keys are connected to vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, but are inactive in vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager, then vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager cannot send data due to network issues. You can enable ports listed in the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager documentation.

What data is sent to Cloud from my datacenter?

The license usage data required by VMware is sent from vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager in VMware Cloud. The usage data comprises of the number of CPUs or cores that are managed by vRealize products under a given license, and this data is transferred over secure HTTP, using TLS. For vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.1 and later releases, SSLv3, TLS1.0, and TLS1.1 are disabled by default, and only TLS1.2 is supported.

How do I know about the product and infrastructure consumption if I have an overage?

The graphs on the Home Page of vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager provide overage for your on-premise and Cloud services, consumption details, and visibility for the source of consumption of the available services. If you want to view granular data, use the export usage.

Why can't I view the Home Page or add Endpoints after logging in to vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager?

You can view the Home Page or the endpoints tab after you purchase vRealize Cloud Universal.

Why is my Create Subscription button disabled?

After you are an Organization owner and an Administrator for vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager, the Create Subscription button is enabled.

If I have an active vRealize service subscription, and want to buy another new suscription, why can't I see an option to purchase vRealize Cloud Universal subscription in vRealize Cloud Subscription Manager?

Support for both standalone service subscriptions and vRealize Cloud Universal bundle is not available in the same organization. If you have an active standalone subscription in an organization, you cannot purchase vRealize Cloud Universal until your current subscription expires. Similarly, if you have an active vRealize Cloud Universal subscription, you cannot purchase standalone subscriptions until your subscription expires.