Before you begin using vRealize Cloud Subscription, consider a few important recommendations and limitations.


  • When you purchase vRealize Cloud Subscription, you are entitled to three invitations for vRealize Automation, vRealize Operations Cloud, and vRealize Log Insight Cloud services. Ensure that you redeem all the three invitations for the cloud services in a single organization for billing purposes.
  • If you redeem multiple editions in the same organization, such as standard, advanced, and enterprise editions, the overage is charged against the highest edition ID.
  • When you upgrade from Standard Suite licenses to vRealize Cloud Subscriptions, surrender your existing product license keys, and then create vRealize Flex license keys to avoid duplicate billing charges. There is no upgrade for your cloud services.
  • When you change the status for any of your subscriptions or end a subscription, ensure that you perform the action at the order level.


If licenses from two different vRealize Flex subscriptions are redeemed into two different organizations, then the license usage from vRealize Lifecycle Manager is incorrectly considered twice for both the organizations.