As a Ensemble administrator who monitors and maintains the cloud resources, you are likely tasked with reviewing discovered applications. You can assign the applications to projects and pass them off to application owners who maintain the applications for their DevOps teams.

What to do first

The numbers in the following image correspond to the workflow steps.

Screenshot of the Applications page for a selected application.

Step 1: Locate discovered and unassigned applications

Applications are discovered from vRealize Network Insight Cloud. If the application is not assigned to a project, it is grouped in a Without Project cluster that looks like a project.

  1. In the view drop-down menu, located in the upper left, select Applications.
  2. In the grouped by drop-down menu, select Projects.

The discovered unmanaged applications are displayed in the applications view pane.

Step 2: Add or remove resources from the application

As the Ensemble administrator, you can modify the application before you assign it to a project. Or you can assign it to a project without significant review or modification, leaving the task to the application owner.

  1. In the without Project application group or list, select the application and then click Actions > Edit Application in the right pane.
  2. On the Edit Application page, use the following workflow to review and curate the application resources.
    Screenshot of the Edit Application page.
    Review Process Action
    Is the application name the one that you want to use? To modify the application name, click Edit Name.
    Are the resources in the Resource tab correct?

    To add or remove resources, use the Unassign/Assign options.

    You can only add unassigned resources to an application.

    Are the resources associated with the correct tier? To move a resource to another tier in the application, select the resource and click Move to Tier.
    Does the application have all the necessary tiers?

    Click the Tiers tab and review the tiers. Add or remove the tiers as needed.

    You cannot remove a tier that currently contains resources. You must first move or remove the resources from the tier, and then you can remove it.

Step 3: Assign an application to a project

As you review the discovered applications that are not yet assigned to projects, you can add them to projects. The application owner can review and troubleshoot any issues if attention is needed.

Only applications that are discovered as applications from vRealize Network Insight are eligible for project assignment.

  1. On the All Applications view, select the application and then select Actions > Assign Application to Project in the right panel.
    Screenshot of the assign page where you select a project to assign the application to.
  2. Select an existing project and click Save.

Step 4: Notify the application owner

The application owner supports the DevOps team who consumes the application.

At this point, you can notify the owner of the new applications and let them take over managing and maintaining the application for their team. For the application owner workflow, see Managing applications for your team in Ensemble.