As a cloud administrator, you want to ensure that the infrastructure that you manage is running well and that it is not causing any problems for the applications that are running on it.

The review process might apply to any users who have Ensemble viewer permissions. However, only Ensemble administrators can run actions.



  1. In the view drop-down menu, located in the upper left, select Infrastructure.
  2. In the grouped by drop-down menu, select the environment you want to review.
  3. In the Filter by drop-down menu, select the Attention Needed score that you want to focus on.
  4. To see if any of the infrastructure entities need attention, review either the graph or the grid view .
    For example, a VMware Cloud on AWS SDDC indicates that the Attention Needed score is high.
  5. In the right pane, expand the Insights and review the scores, starting with the highest score.
    1. Click the insight that you want to investigate.
      For example, Auto-Scaler event due to host failure.
      Screenshot of the insight details that appears in the main pane when you click on the Insight in the right pane.
    2. In the main pane, review the insight details.
      The details give you a broader look at the triggering event, calculated severity, and affected entities. If an remediation action is identified, the information is provided.
    3. If necessary, you can resolve the identified insights by logging in to the environment so that you can directly resolve the problem.