As an Ensemble administrator, you need to ensure that the infrastructure is running well and that it properly resources the applications so that the app owners can support their teams without interruption.

You are the first person to see the discovered applications. You can then assign them to projects and application owners. You can also use Ensemble to monitor and manage the infrastructure that is running on one or more of your cloud instances.

Overview of general navigation and information options

As a general introduction to navigating and access some of the Ensemble capabilities, the following image uses the Infrastructure graph as an example. The characteristics are applicable to the Applications, Infrastructure, and Explore views.

Screenshot of the Infrastructure graph view to point out the main navigation and information options.
  1. The main view menu that you can use to open the Infrastructure, Applications, and Explore views.
  2. The Search option allows you to locate resources by type and name.
  3. The Legend helps you identify the different entities when you are using the graph view.
  4. The Attention Score legend helps you identify the resources that need our attention in the graph view.
  5. The actions that you can run on the selected resources.
  6. The Attention Needed and Insights are used to generate the Attention Score. You can expand Insights to begin troubleshooting the problems with the selected resources.
  7. Additional information about the selected resource or entity.