As a project administrator, you want to ensure that your applications are running with adequate resources, or you might be troubleshooting a problem reported by the DevOps engineers who are part of the project.

The review process applies to any of the project members or the administrator. However, only the project administrator can run any of the actions to remedy problems.



  1. In the view drop-down menu, located in the upper left, select Applications.
  2. In the grouped by drop-down menu, select Projects, and in the Filtered by, you can select the Attention Needed score that you want to focus on.
  3. Review either the graph or grid view.
    Look for applications where Ensemble has determined that your attention might be needed.
  4. Select the application.

    Screenshot of the application buiness insight details.
  5. In the right pane, look for an Insights score for observations about the underlying infrastructure on which your application runs.
    For example, an auto-scale event was detected on your ESX host.
  6. To look at the individual resources in the application, select the application and click Open.
  7. Review the various virtual machines to determine if any of them require your attention.
  8. You can run actions on the individual virtual machines if needed.