To access Ensemble, your users must be added as users in the VMware Cloud Services console and given the permissions they need to perform their assigned roles.

If you currently use one or more of the vRealize Cloud management services, the users might exist in the console. In this case, you add Ensemble to their list of assigned user roles.


  • Verify that you have the Organization Owner role. You must see the Identity and Access Management in the left-hand pane with you log in to the console. If not, contact the organization owner.


  1. In the VMware Cloud Services console, select Identity and Access Management > Active Users.

    Screenshot of the Add New Users screen with callouts matching selected steps below.
  2. To add a user, click Add Users.
  3. In the Users text box, add the email address for one or more users who will all have the same role.
  4. In the Role Assignment area, configure the following roles.
    Role Type Area Role Names Description
    Assign Organization Roles Organization Member Users must be at least organization members to access the Cloud Services Console and the services for which they have other permissions.
    Assign Service Roles vRealize Ensemble Admin or Viewer

    Admin users can make changes to the applications and resources in Ensemble.

    If you want users to be able to run actions and manage applications, you must give them the administrator role.

    Viewers can see the applications and resources. They cannot make any changes using the Ensemble user interface.

    Other services If needed, you give these users access to other vRealize Cloud Universal Enterprise Plusservices and define the user roles.
  5. Select Send emails to all invited users ....
    The system notifies the users that they are added to Ensemble and provides them with a link.
  6. Click Add.