To facilitate application management, you create projects for your various DevOps teams or development projects. You then add users to the projects to give them access to their project applications in Ensemble.


  • Verify that you have the Organization Owner role. You must see the Identity and Access Management in the left-hand pane with you log in to the console. If not, contact the organization owner.
  • Verify that you added the users to the organization. See Add users and assign user roles for Ensemble.


  1. In the VMware Cloud Services console, select Identity and Access Management > Projects.

    Screenshot of the add project with callouts matching selected steps below.
  2. To add a project, click Add Project.
  3. Enter a project name and click the green check mark.
  4. Click Add Access and enter the names of users you want to access the applications in this project.
    The users must be at least organization members.
  5. In the Select Roles area, select VMware Ensemble and then select the user roles that you want the entered users to have in the project.
    • Admin for the application owner. With these permissions, the application owner can curate applications and run actions on resources.
    • Viewers can see the project applications but cannot make changes. With these permissions, the DevOps engineers can view the status of their applications, possibly identifying or eliminating infrastructure problems as a root cause of failure during the development process.
  6. You can continue to add other services and roles.
  7. Click Invite Users.