As an application owner, you manage applications that are consumed by your DevOps teams. You review the applications that were assigned to you and add or remove resources or tiers as needed.

This workflow is based on the assumption that the organization owner gave the application owner the Ensemble administrator role.

If you want your DevOps team to see the applications for their project in Ensemble, they must have at least Ensemble viewer permissions.

What to do first

  • Verify that as the user who is the application owner, you have the following permissions. You might need to consult with your organization owner.
    • Organization member
    • Ensemble administrator
    • Project administrator

    See Setting up users and projects for Ensemble for more information.

  • Check for a communication from your cloud administrator indicating that a new application was assigned to one of your projects.

Add or remove resources in applications

The process of adding or removing resources from a new application might be required because the discovery process did not see all the relevant connections and resources. You can now finish the process by adding the resources that were missed, removing resources that are not part of the application, and adding, editing, or remove the tiers in which the resources run as part of the application.

  1. In your Applications view, select the application that you are curating, and then select Actions > Edit Application in the right pane.
  2. On the Edit Application page, you can update the application as needed.
    Screenshot of the Edit Application page.
    Required Change Action
    I want to change the application name. Click Edit Name to modify the application name.
    There are resources listed in the Resource tab that don't belong in this applications and others that are missing.

    Use the Unassign/Assign options to add or remove resources.

    You can only add resources that are not currently assigned to an application.

    Some of my resources are in the wrong tier. To move a resource to another tier in the application, select the resource and click Move to Tier.
    I need to delete two tiers and rename another.

    Click the Tiers tab.

    You cannot rename a tier, but you can create a new tier and move the resources into the new tier.

    You cannot remove a tier that currently contains resources. You must first move or remove the resources from the tier, and then you can remove the tier.

  3. Click Save.