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Here is the release date and build number for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.10.0 release.


Release Date

Build Number

VMware vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.10.0

11 October 2022


What's New

Here are the key features and capabilities of vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.10.0:

  • VMware Cloud Foundation Enhancements

  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager now provides integration between vRealize Suite products. With vRealize Log Insight, you can now perform log forwarding configuration from other vRealize Suite products to vRealize Log Insight. Similarly, with vRealize Operations Manager, you can now perform management pack configuration of other vRealize products in vRealize Operations Manager.
  • Usability Enhancements

  • You can enable or disable health checks for vRealize Suite products in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.
  • vRealize Automation Enhancements

  • - If vRealize Automation upgrade fails, an auto-revert feature is introduced to revert back the appliance to its previous working state.
  • - Participation in the Customer Experience Improvement Program for vRealize Automation is now available using the Pendo Customer Experience Program (Pendo CEIP).
  • PSPR Enhancements

  • If you have five failed login attempts in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, your account will be locked with an error message.
  • vRealize Operations Manager Enhancements

  • Remote collectors are now renamed as Cloud Proxy nodes in vRealize Operations Manager version 8.10.


  • VMware Cloud Foundation users must upgrade to version 4.5 to be supported on vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.10.0 and vRealize Suite products version 8.10.0.

  • If the source vRealize Automation has 8.0.0 GA or 8.0.1 GA, ensure that KB 78235 is applied before upgrading to restore expired root accounts.

  • When configuring multi-tenancy in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager for VMware Identity Manager and vRealize Automation, if you replace VMware Identity Manager certificate, it can cause service downtime on products integrated with VMware Identity Manager. Hence, it is suggested to create SAN certificates with required hostnames for multi-tenancy. To avoid service disruption, use wildcard certificates on VMware Identity Manager.

  • To reboot VMware Identity Manager cluster setup, use the Power On and Power Off options in the VMware Identity Manager product actions in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.


  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager cannot be upgraded using VMware Remote console in Windows VM: During an vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager upgrade, the ISO filename is truncated after it is mounted in Windows VM. For an upgrade, ensure that you upload the ISO filename in a content library of the vCenter server or upload it to a datastore that the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager VM can access. After uploading the ISO filename, attach the ISO to the CD-ROM device of the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager VM by editing the hardware configuration from the vCenter inventory of the VM. From the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager UI, select CD-ROM based upgrade option, and then click proceed.

  • If a custom form is released without a blueprint at the target vRealize Automation, even if the release is successful on vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager, the custom form is not visible at the target vRealize Automation instance. To release a custom form, ensure that the asociated composite blueprint is released or created first on the target vRealize Automation.

  • Content source on vRealize Automation 8.x endpoint: When releasing a blueprint on vRealize Automation 8.x, you must create the content source on the target vRealize Automation 8.x prior to the release.

  • vRealize Automation 8.x content types: The vRealize Automation 8.x content types which are renamed must be re-captured from the vRealize Automation endpoints, and then checked in to the source control endpoints. If the content is present in the source control, then you must manually rename the folder in the source control endpoints, and then check-out the content from the source control endpoints.

  • Content Migration from 1.3, 2.0 and 2.1 are not supported in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.0.1 and later. For more information, see Content Management.

  • Support of content from an earlier version to the latest version depends on the product capabilities: You can capture content from vRealize Automation 7.5 and release to vRealize Automation 7.6. However, if vRealize Automation 7.6 does not support contents captured from older version, it would not work in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager.

  • vRealize Orchestrator package can scale up to 1000 elements in a package.

  • Snapshot for VMs remain in the in-progress state in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager: Snapshot for VMs that have device back up are not supported and remain in the in-progress state in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager. You cannot take snapshots of VMs that have a device back up in vCenter. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager also supports taking snapshots of VMs. However, the vCenter server also supports taking device back up. For such VMs, vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager snapshot requests would remain in progress.

  • vRealize Operations upgrade failed at application upgrade task after completing the OS upgrade task and the cluster is not online: When Cassandra fails in one of the vRealize Operations nodes, this causes the vRealize Operations cluster to be offline.

  • vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.10 is not compatible with earlier versions of VMware Cloud Foundation such as 4.4 and 4.4.1. vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager 8.10 is compatible with VMware Cloud Foundation version 4.5.

Known Issues

  • Content Management is not supported for vRealize Operations Manager version 8.10.0

    Content Management in vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager version 8.10.0 does not support vRealize Operations Manager version 8.10.0. Realize Suite Lifecycle Manager version 8.10.0 supports vRealize Operations Manager version 8.6.4 and earlier 8.x versions of vRealize Operations Manager.

    Workaround: None

    Content Management support for vRealize Operations Manager version 8.10.0 will be available in the future releases.

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