As part of the VMware Cloud suite of services, vRealize Log Insight Cloud (formerly known as VMware Log Intelligence) provides a fully managed and integrated log analytics and troubleshooting service.

vRealize Log Insight Cloud includes VMware-authored SDDC (ESXi, VC, NSX, and VSAN) insight for troubleshooting, a flexible and comprehensive query facility that supports troubleshooting for novice and experienced administrators, built-in SDDC and custom alerting capability, flexible notification mechanisms, and centralized support for local or federated authentication.


VMware Cloud service accounts are contained within organizations. An organization enables controlled access to one or more services. You must belong to an organization before you can access a cloud service.

If you are an organization owner, you have access to all the resources of the organization. You add cloud services to your organization, and then invite users. If are an organization member, you have limited access to the organization resources. For information about working with organizations, including editing your user profile, see Using VMware Cloud in the documentation for VMware Cloud services.

You can sign up for the vRealize Log Insight Cloud service and set up your organization, billing, and subscription in VMware Cloud.