Usage reports show how vRealize Log Insight Cloud is used across the organization - the amount of data streamed, log statistics, recent queries, and active users.

You can view usage reports when you expand the main menu and select Configuration > Usage Reports. The reports are categorized into the following tabs:

Data Intake

This tab displays details about the amount of data streamed into the system in the last 30 days:

Data used
The total amount of data used in the current month, irrespective of the subscription type.
The number of days for which the logs are retained. The retention period varies by subscription type. For more information about subscriptions, see vRealize Log Insight Cloud Subscriptions and Billing.

To download a report of the data intake in the last 30 days, you can click the download icon in the upper-right corner of the tab.

Log Statistics

This tab displays statistics about how the system is being used. Statistics for the last 24 hours is displayed by default. However, you can select a different time range.

For example, the Logs Ingested per second panel shows the number of logs streamed into the system per second.

Note: This tab is available for administrators only.

Recent Queries

This tab displays the queries executed in the last one hour. These queries are executed by a user or by the system to evaluate alerts.

If you click the signpost icon (i) for a query, you can view more information about the query, such as:

  • When the query was triggered.
  • How long the query took for execution.
  • Whether the query is finished or still running.
  • The records fetched by the query.
  • Origin of the query.

You can sort the queries by triggered time, time spent, status, total records, and origin. You can also filter the queries by status or by the origin of the query.

Note: This tab is available for administrators only.

Active Sessions

This tab displays a list of users who are logged into the system. It also shows more information about these users, such as active sessions and time of logging in. You can sort and filter the users by their email addresses.

Note: This tab is available for administrators only.