Before you begin using vRealize Log Insight Cloud, you must install a Cloud Proxy and configure connections for receiving data from log and event sources.

There are two initial setup tasks.

  • Download and install a Cloud Proxy.

    A Cloud Proxy receives log and event information from monitored sources and sends this information to vRealize Log Insight Cloud where it can be queried and analyzed. vRealize Log Insight Cloud includes the Cloud Proxy as a .ova file for you to download and install, typically on a vCenter virtual machine.

    For more information, see Deploy a First Cloud Proxy for vRealize Log Insight Cloud.

  • Configure event forwarding for the Cloud Proxy.

    After the Cloud Proxy is in place, you configure your data sources and protocol settings to forward events to the Cloud Proxy. Several protocols are supported, including syslog, rsyslog, syslog-ng and others. Use of the vRealize Log Insight ingestion API and agent are also supported. For more information about protocols, see Port Requirements of Remote Cloud Proxy.