VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs can forward vRealize Log Insight Cloud logs to the Asia-Pacific (Sydney) and Europe (Frankfurt) regions, in addition to the US West (Oregon) region. Once applied, this configuration becomes an organization-level change and all the SDDC logs point to the new region. You can select only one vRealize Log Insight Cloud region for an organization. To enable this feature, open a service request or contact customer support.

Note: Log regionalization is an optional process and involves an operational overhead. Request for the transition only if it is an essential requirement for your business or organization.


  • Before requesting for log regionalization, back up the following data. After the transition, re-import this data in the new region.
    • Alert definitions and webhooks to deliver the alerts
    • Log forwarding rules
    • Log archiving rules
    • Log processing rules (masking, filtering, and tagging logs)
    • End-point API configuration for your logs, if you are a non-VMware Cloud on AWS user
    • Access control roles and users
  • Log regionalization is a permanent transfer of logs to the specified region and you lose access to any existing logs after the transition.

    For example, if you request to switch the region for your vRealize Log Insight Cloud tenancy from the default region of US West (Oregon) to Asia-Pacific (Sydney) or Europe (Frankfurt), you lose access to the US West (Oregon) tenancy and any associated logs and configuration.

    Optionally, if you want to save the logs from your prior tenancy, use the log forwarding capability. Because log regionalization forwards logs as they are ingested and does not look at historical data, you must configure log forwarding in advance.

    For example, Acme Inc uses VMware Cloud on AWS with an SDDC deployed in Frankfurt. Acme Inc is using the included version of vRealize Log Insight Cloud with VMware Cloud on AWS, with 7 days worth of retention, or 30 days if they are on a paid subscription. This tenancy is provisioned in US West (Oregon). If Acme Inc wants to switch the vRealize Log Insight Cloud region to Europe (Frankfurt) and they want a backup of their data, they must start forwarding or archiving the logs 7 days before requesting for log regionalization.

    If you do not need the historical logs, you can raise a request for log regionalization without forwarding the logs.

After Log Regionalization

Once the log regionalization process is finished, the new regional tenancy works like a brand new vRealize Log Insight Cloud instance, and has only the logs beginning from the time of the transition. Because the transition is immediate, you do not lose any new log data and all the new logs go to the new instance, which is provided to you automatically.

  • Any vRealize Log Insight Cloud Proxies of agents managed by you and deployed from the previous instance of vRealize Log Insight Cloud are redeployed and pointed to the new instance of vRealize Log Insight Cloud in the new region. If you are collecting logs from other sources, you will experience some data loss from these log sources during the transition.
  • You must accept the vRealize Log Insight Cloud trial for the new instance after the transition, for which you will receive a notification. You can accept the trial by logging in to the new vRealize Log Insight Cloud instance. Log ingestion begins after you accept the trial. The logs are retained only for one day between VMware Cloud on AWS finishing the change and you accepting the trial, so you must initiate the trial as soon as you are notified.
  • The complete ETA from the time of request to request fulfillment is up to five US business days. The maximum ETA to get the new instance of vRealize Log Insight Cloud when the old instance is taken away is up to 24 hours.