The Cloud Native Collector is a Docker container that can be configured to forward logs to vRealize Log Insight Cloud. You can upgrade the Cloud Native Collector to your desired version.


  1. Stop the running Docker container.
    $ docker stop log-forwarder
  2. Remove the stopped container.
    $ docker rm log-forwarder
  3. Run the docker run command with the updated version.
    $ docker run -d --log-opt max-size=10m --log-opt max-file=5 --memory=1G --cpus=1.0 -e
          PROXY_MEM_LIMITS_FOR_JVM=false -e
          LEMANS_CLIENT_DISK_BACKED_QUEUE_LOCATION=/opt/vmware/log-forwarder/lemans -e
          on-failure:30 --name log-forwarder -p 8500:8101 -p 9000:9101 -p 514:514 -p 514:514/udp -p
          6514:6514 -p 1514:1514 -p 9543:9543 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v
          /usr/local/bin:/usr/vrbc/va-proxy -v
          /usr/log-forwarder-sandbox/:/opt/vmware/log-forwarder/sandbox/ -v
          /usr/log-forwarder-heapdump/:/opt/vmware/log-forwarder/heapdump/ -v
          /data1/log-forwarder:/opt/vmware/log-forwarder/var/ -v /shared:/root/cert -v
          /usr/log-forwarder-lemans:/opt/vmware/log-forwarder/lemans -v
          --lemansAccessKey=<API KEY> --lemansServerUrl=<LEMANS_SERVICE_URL> --hostName=<NAME_OF_THE_HOST>
          --cspOrgId=<CSP_ORG_ID> --proxyName=<NAME_OF_THE_PROXY>

    <CLOUD_NATIVE_COLLECTOR_VERSION> is the version to which you are upgrading your Cloud Native Collector. You can find the latest version in the Log Sources page in vRealize Log Insight Cloud.