The Cloud Native Collector is a Docker container that can be configured to forward logs to vRealize Log Insight Cloud. You can share Cloud Native Collector logs if required. When the Cloud Native Collector is not running, you can troubleshoot and resolve the issue.

Sharing Cloud Native Collector Logs

To share Cloud Native Collector logs, follow these instructions.
  1. Install the zip utility if it is not installed already.
    // On Ubuntu and Debian
    $ sudo apt install zip
    // On CentOS and Fedora
    $ sudo yum install zip
  2. Run the following command.
    $ zip -r /data1/ .
  3. Share the zip file with customer support.

Troubleshooting when the Cloud Native Collector is not Running

The docker ps command might not show any container running, which can happen in the following scenarios.

The hostName is not provided in the Docker arguments.
Error: Check for the following error in logs under /data1/log-forwarder/log-forwarder.log.
2022-01-20 05:53:59 [main] ERROR c.v.l.f.h.LogForwarderHost:69 - hostName not provided in docker arguments. Please provide hostName.
2022-01-20 05:53:59 [main] INFO  c.v.l.f.h.LogForwarderHost:55 - Error in starting log-forwarder host:
java.lang.RuntimeException: hostName not provided in docker arguments

Solution: Ensure that you provide the --hostName=<NAME_OF_THE_HOST> argument in the Docker run command, where <NAME_OF_THE_HOST> is the resolvable host name of the machine or VM in which the Cloud Native Collector is installed.

The accessKey has already been used.
Error: Check for the following error in logs under /data1/log-forwarder/log-forwarder.log.
java.lang.Exception: {"message":"Passed-in accessKey has already been used to register an agent","statusCode":409,"documentKind":"com:vmware:lemans:common:ServerErrorResponse","errorCode":0}

Solution: The lemansAccessKey is unique for each Cloud Native Collector and cannot be reused. Generate and use a new lemansAccessKey for --lemansAccessKey=<API KEY>.