The vRealize Log Insight Cloud service in a region is now deployed across multiple availability zones (AZs), which helps the service handle AZ failures.

Note: The multi-AZ feature is available in the US region.

Impact on Features

Indexed partitions in vRealize Log Insight Cloud store logs and indexes in a single AZ. So, if the AZ in which the data is persisted goes down, indexed partitions do not work as expected.

When an AZ that does not store the logs and indexes is down, all the vRealize Log Insight Cloud features continue to work.

When the AZ that stores the logs and indexes is down, indexed and non-indexed partitions behave in the following manner.

Indexed Partitions
You cannot query the log data in indexed partitions. However, log ingestion will continue to function, and the ingested data is buffered because of the unavailability of the AZ that stores logs and indexes. Once the AZ is back up, the buffered data is available for querying.
Note: There might be some delay in the availability of the new data ingested during the AZ's downtime for querying.
Non-indexed Partitions
You can ingest and query the log data in non-indexed partitions.

All other features such as alerts, log processing, and log forwarding, continue to work.