Import content as a private content pack or into your organization by using a JSON file with the details of the content pack elements.

The JSON file for import is created by exporting a content pack or user-defined elements. For more information, see Export a Content Pack.


Verify that you are logged in to the vRealize Log Insight Cloud web user interface as an administrator.


  1. Expand the main menu and click Content Packs.
  2. On the Private tab, click Import Content.
  3. In the pop-up window, select the import method:
    • To import content as a private content pack, select Import as content pack.This content is read-only and visible to all users.

      For information about content pack dashboards, see Working with Dashboards.

    • To import content into your organization, select Import content. This content is visible to all the members of your organization, but editable only by administrators.
      • Content pack metadata, such as name, author, icon, and so on, are not displayed in this mode.
      • Agent groups are not imported in this mode.
      • Once the content is imported into your organization, you can individually edit or remove the imported elements, such as dashboards, queries, alerts, and fields.
      • Once the content is imported into your organization, you can modify it by updating the JSON file and reimporting it. A dialog box with duplicate elements appears and you can choose to overwrite the elements.
  4. Click Select File.
  5. Browse for a content pack JSON file and click Open.
  6. Click Import.
  7. If you selected the option to import the content into your organization, a dialog box appears and you are prompted to select what content to import. Select the content items and click Import again.
  8. Some content packs require additional setup steps. Instructions for these steps appear after the import is finished. Finish these steps before you use the content pack.


If the content is imported as a content pack, the content pack appears on the Private tab of the Content Packs page. If the content is imported into your organization, the elements such as dashboards, queries, and alerts appear in the relevant pages.