For optimum performance, you must match the minimum recommendations for the deployment.

Recommendation for the Collector Deployment

Table 1. Specifications for Collector Brick Size
Brick Size Cores required for 2.1 GHz CPU Cores required for 2.3 GHz CPU Cores required for 2.6 GHz CPU RAM Disk
Medium 5 5 4 12 GB 200 GB
Large 10 9 8 16 GB 200 GB
Extra Large 10 9 8 24 GB 200 GB
Note: The reservation for the CPU speed and RAM for each node must be 100% of the value specified above.
Table 2. Collector Deployment - Maximum Capacity
Collector Size Number of VMs

(K = Thousand)

Flows per Day

(M = Million)

Flow count in 4 days

(M = Million)

Number of Edges for VMware SD-WAN

(K = Thousand)

Medium 4K 2.5M 3.25M 4K
Large 10K 5M 6.5M 6K
Extra Large 35K 10M 13M 10K
  • The count of VMs and edges mentioned in the table is the maximum individual limit for a single deployment. So, if you have edges in your setup, you might have to reduce the VM count.
  • The count of VMs includes the templates on the vCenter as well.
  • For a single deployment with more than one collector, the limitation on the total flows across collectors is based on the capacity of the platform.

Other Requirements and Considerations

  • The maximum time skew between the platform nodes has to be lesser than 30 seconds.
  • The availability of the NTP service is critical to system operations. Ensure that you do not reboot the platform node or the collector node when the NTP service is not available.
  • When the existing compute resources are completely used by the other processes on the platform, vRealize Network Insight Cloud crashes and does not recover automatically. If the services fail to recover, reboot the platform node.
  • If the network latency between platform node and upgrade server is greater than 500ms, the vRealize Network Insight Cloud upgrade might encounter an error. So, the network latency must be less than 500ms.
  • The recommended network latency between platform VMs for optimal performance is up to 3ms. The system performance might degrade beyond the limit.
  • The recommended network latency between platform and collector VMs for optimal performance is up to 150ms. The system performance might degrade beyond this limit.
  • The recommended disk latency for optimal performance is up to 5ms. If the disk latency is greater than 5ms, the system performance degrades.
  • The recommended disk IOPS is 7500.
  • For Network Map, the maximum supported firewall rules per VMware NSX-T Manager (including of DFW and edge rules) is 5000.

Supported Web Browser

  • Google Chrome: The latest two versions.
  • Mozilla Firefox: The latest two versions.

Recommendations to Support High Availability

You can customize vSphere HA options to enable vSphere high availability.
  • Host Failure - Restart VMs
  • Host Isolation- Disabled
  • Guest not heartbeating- Disabled