Use the information provided in the following table to resolve platform capacity-related problems.

Error Text Cause Resolution
Capacity configuration is mismatched. There is a change in the license or the brick size of the setup. Click RECONFIGURE.
System usage has breached the capacity. Your system usage has crossed the stipulated platform capacity. You must do, one of the following:
  • Click the RECONFIGURE button (if available).
  • If you do not see the RECONFIGURE button, then you must add more resources to increase capacity by doing one of the following:
    • Increase the brick size (if you are using medium or large brick).
    • Create cluster (if you are using single node deployment).
    • Expand the cluster (if you are using clustered deployment).

    To know about creating and expanding clusters, see Creating and Expanding Clusters.

Capacity reconfiguration failed. The problem can occur because of a various technical reasons. Contact VMware Support.