You can import VMware Identity Manager user accounts to allow them to use vRealize Network Insight and assign them the roles.


  1. On the vRealize Network Insight Settings page, expand Identity & Access Management.
  2. Click User Management and select the VMware Identity Manager Users tab.
  3. Click ADD USER and provide the required details.
    Field Name Description
    Domain Name Enter the VMware Identity Manager domain name for import.
    Search Users/Groups

    Enter a search string, and select the user account from the autocomplete list. You can either select a single user or select a user group. If you select a group, all the members in the group can access to vRealize Network Insight.

    Role Assign a role to the user account. For details, see Configure User Management.
  4. Click Add User.
    • If you have selected a group, all the members in the group get the same role. If you want to assign a different role to a specific user in the group, you must add the user individually, and assign the required role.
      For example, to assign the Administrator role only to the user1 in the Mygroup:
      • add Mygroup and assign the Member role and
      • add user1 and assign Administrator role.
      The role assigned to the user directly overwrites the role assigned to the user as a part of group.
    • If a user belongs to multiple groups with different roles, the highest privilege role is assigned to the user.

      For example, if a user belongs to Group A that has the Administrator role, and also belongs to Group B and Group C that have the Member role, the user inherits the Administrator role.


Now, this VMware Identity Manager user or group members can log in to vRealize Network Insight and use the features based on the assigned role.