You can add Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition as a data source and fetch your cluster details in vRealize Network Insight Cloud.


  • You must have the pks.clusters.admin privilege.
  • You must add the corresponding NSX-T Manager.


  1. On the Settings page, click Accounts and Data Sources.
  2. Click Add Source.
  3. Under Containers, select TKGI.
  4. On the Add Data Source page, provide the following details:
    Field Name Description
    NSX-T Manager Select the NSX-T Manager that supports the underlying networking for the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition deployment.
    Collector VM vRealize Network Insight Cloud automatically selects the corresponding collector VM associated with the chosen NSX-T Manager.
    Note: The collector VMs that are added as a NetFlow collector are not available in the list.
    API Hostname (FQDN) Enter the FQDN details of the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition API server.
    Username Enter the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Integrated Edition user name that has access to the clusters.
    Note: The user must have the pks.clusters.admin privileges.
    Password Enter the password.
    Note: Currently passwords having special characters like &,(,),|,<,>,` are not supported.
  5. Click Validate.
    You see the Validation Successful message.
  6. Enter the nick name for the data source and add any notes for description, as desired.
  7. Click Submit.
    If you see the One or more Kubernetes Cluster Master hosts are not reachable from Collector VM error message, run the following commands on the collector VM:
    1. pks login -a PKS_API_Server - u username -p password -k
    2. pks clusters

      Ensure that the cluster status is succeeded.

    3. pks cluster Kubernetes_Cluster_Name
    4. telnet Kubernetes_Master_Host Kubernetes_Master_port

      Verify the primary host is able to connect.

    5. Repeat the step c and step d for each Kubernetes cluster that were discovered from step b.