The notifications are sent in the form of emails.

To set up the notification, you must first configure the mail server. To know how to configure mail server, see Configuring mail server.

Specifying Notification Events for Emails to be sent

Users can specify events for which mail notifications are to be sent.

To specify events
  1. On the Settings page, click Search-based Notifications, or simply search for any information using the Search box.
  2. On the Search-based Notifications page, click the Create Notification icon. A notification dialog box is displayed.
  3. In the Receive notification when box, select the event on the occurrence of which notifications are to be sent.
  4. In the Notify box, select the frequency at which the notifications are to be sent.
  5. If the event is undesirable, select the Mark it as a problem check box.
  6. Enter the email addresses to which the notifications are to be sent, and then click Save.
Note: To verify whether the notification mail is correctly set up, click Send test Email.