The Events List view pins provide a list of events in chronological order for a particular entity or group of entities (that can be selected from the dropdown in the pin header).

You can change how far back in time (from now) should the pin show the events by using the available presets or entering in a custom date/time. Other filter options such as Event Status and Event Type can be selected by clicking on the filter icon.

In the below image, the events related to VM Prod-db-vm21 and its related entities are displayed. You can click the entity name to view events from other related entities. Using the filter you can filter the events based on their status and their types. An event can be a change or a problem related to an entity.

You can search for the events by using the events search query. You can search for open or closed events with queries such as open events or closed events. You can also search for problems with the same modifiers.