You can add Kubernetes as a data source and fetch your Kubernetes Cluster details into vRealize Network Insight.

Note: The Kubernetes Cluster and the corresponding NSX-T Manager must be added to the same collector VM.


  • You must have cluster admin role with read permissions.
  • Add NSX-T Manager in vRealize Network Insight.
  • Ensure that the Kubernetes API Server is accessible from the Collector VM.


  1. On the Settings page, click Accounts and Data Sources.
  2. Click Add Source.
  3. Under Containers, select Kubernetes.
  4. On the Add Data Source page, provide the following details:
    Field Name Description
    NSX-T Manager Select the NSX-T Manager that supports the underlying networking for Kubernetes.
    Collector (Proxy) VM vRealize Network Insight automatically selects the corresponding collector VM associated with the chosen NSX-T Manager.
    Note: The collector VMs that are added as a NetFlow collector are not available in the list.
    Kubeconfig Click Browse and upload the Kubernetes configuration file that has Kubernetes cluster details. For more information about the format of the Kubeconfig configuration file, refer to the Kubernetes documentation.
    Note: The user configured in the Kubeconfig file must have the List and Watch privileges.
  5. Click Validate.
    You see the Validation Successful message.
  6. Enter the nick name for the data source and add any notes for description, as desired.
  7. Click Submit.


vRealize Network Insight can now fetch the Kubernetes cluster details.

What to do next

Go to Kubernetes Dashboard and view the details, see Viewing Kubernetes Details.