In vRealize Network Insight Cloud, you can add Fortinet FortiManager as a data source.


Verify the following:
  • You have at least the Restricted User role with access to all ADOMs and policy packages.
  • You have the rpc-permit read-write access enabled from Command Line Interface (CLI).

    To configure the rpc permission, use the following command in FortiManager CLI:

    config system admin user
    edit "<administrator name>"
    set rpc-permit [none | read | read-write ]


  1. In the Settings page, click Accounts and Data Sources > Add Source.
  2. Under the Firewall section, click Fortinet FortiManager.
  3. On the Add a New Fortinet FortiManager Account or Source page, enter the required information:
    Option Action
    Collector VM Select the collector VM from the drop-down menu.
    IP Address/FQDN Enter the IP Address or the FQDN details.
    Username Enter the user name you want to use for this data source.
    Password Enter the password.
  4. Click Validate.
  5. Define the polling interval for the configuration data collection. You can set the polling interval from 10 minutes to 7 days.
    • Preset - Select the interval time from the predefined time set.
    • Custom Interval - Set a value and select Minutes, Hours, and Days.
  6. In the Nickname text box, enter a nickname.
  7. (Optional) In the Notes text box, you can add a note if necessary.
  8. Click Submit.