vRealize Network Insight contains a navigation panel on the left that helps users to navigate quickly to the key product features such as Plan Security, Topologies, Entities, Events, and Saved Searches of interest without having to type any search queries.

The Navigation Panel contains the following options:

  • Plan Security: Allows you to analyze the flows in the environment and helps to plan the micro-segments within the environment. You can select all the entities or select a particular entity and then select the duration to analyze the selected entity.

  • Path and Topology: Allows you to view any VM to VM path or topology of several entities of the data center.

  • Events: Allows you to view the events (changes and problems) in your environment. There is also a list of event types so that you can quickly view a specific type of event.

  • Entities: Displays the list of all the different types of entities present in your environment. You can click any entity type from the given list to view a list of all the entities of that type, the text box above the entities list can be used to narrow down the list based on text entered.

  • Saved Searches: Displays the searches that have been saved previously.