You can add vCenter Servers as data source to vRealize Network Insight.

About this task

Multiple vCenter Servers can be added to vRealize Network Insight to start monitoring data.


  1. Click Add vCenter.
  2. Click Add new source and customize the options.



    Source Type

    Select the vCenter Server system from the drop-down menu.

    IP Address/FQDN

    Enter the IP address or fully qualified domain name of the vCenter Server.


    Enter the user name, with the following privileges:

    • Distributed Switch: Modify

    • dvPort group: Modify


    Enter the password for vRealize Network Insight software to access the vCenter Server system.

  3. Click Validate.
  4. Add advanced data collection sources to your vCenter Server system.
  5. (Optional) : Click Submit to add the vCenter Server system. The vCenter Server systems appear on the homepage.