vRealize Network Insight supports the following two types of users:

  • User created on vRealize Network Insight Platform VM

  • LDAP users

To allow the LDAP users log into vRealize Network Insight, configure the LDAP service in the vRealize Network Insight Platform as follows:

To enable LDAP-based User Authentication

  1. On the Settings page, click LDAP, and then click Configure.

  2. In the Configure LDAP page, type the appropriate domain, LDAP Host URL, and LDAP credentials in the respective boxes. See the following table for individual field descriptions.

    Table 1.




    This is typically the last part of the user email address after the '@' sign. Example: For an user logging in as johndoe@example.com, this field will be example.com

    LDAP Host URLs

    You can specify multiple LDAP Host URLs separated by commas.

    Restrict access to specific groups

    You can select this option if you want only the group members to access the application.


    User with necessary rights to log in using the settings provided.


    Password of the user.

    Optionally, you can provide access only to specific groups by selecting the Restrict access to specific groups check box.

    1. Click Add more under Group DN to add groups in the inclusion list.

    2. In Base DN, type the Base DN, the point from which the server starts searching for users.

  3. Click Submit to configure LDAP.

After the LDAP configuration is successful, a new drop-down menu is available on the login screen where users can select whether they want to log in locally or using their LDAP credentials.

The LDAP credentials are not saved anywhere.