To add a Data Source

  1. In the Install and Suport page under Settings, click Accounts and Data Sources.

  2. Click Add new source.

  3. Select an account or a source type.

  4. Provide the following information:

    Table 1.



    Collector(Proxy) VM

    Select the proxy VM from the drop-down menu.

    IP Address/FQDN

    Enter the IP Address or the FQDN details.


    Enter the user name you want to use for a particular data source.


    Enter the password.

  5. After entering the information in the text boxes, click Validate.

    • When you are adding a VMware vCenter or an AWS data source, if the number of VMs discovered for a specified data source exceeds the capacity of the platform or a proxy node or both, the validation fails. You will not be allowed to add a data source until you increase the brick size of the platform or create a cluster.

      The specified capacity for each brick size with and without flows is as follows:

      Table 2.

      Brick Size


      State of Flows













    • If the validation is successful, you can add advanced data collection sources for the data source (not all data sources contain this feature). Following advanced data collection sources are available:

      • For VMware vCenter, you can enable NetFlow (IPFIX). For more information on IPFIX, read the Enabling IPFIX configuration on VDS and DVPG section.

      • For VMware NSX Manager, you can enable automatic NSX Edge Population using SSH to allow vRealize Network Insight to collect advanced data. However, for NSX Manager 6.2 and above, use NSX central CLI instead of ssh. You can select this option to allow vRealize Network Insight to collect data for NSX Edge directly from NSX Manager using the NSX Central CLI. This feature also requires NSX Manager credentials with System Admin privileges.

      • Many data sources also use SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for richer data collection. For such data sources, select the SNMP version and enter the community string to allow vRealize Network Insight to collect richer data from the data source.

  6. Enter the required details in the text boxes for advanced data collection sources.

  7. Enter Nickname and Notes (if any) for the data source and click Submit to add the data source to the environment.