To edit an event:

  1. Click the edit icon after the Enabled column for a particular event.

  2. You can add or remove event tags if required.

  3. You can change the severity.

  4. Check Include/Exclude entities if you want the event to be enabled or disabled for selected entities.

  5. To create inclusion rules:

    1. Select Inclusion List.

    2. Specify the entities which you want to include for the event under Conditions.

  6. To create exclusion rules:

    1. Select Exclusion List.

    2. Specify the entities which you want to exclude for the event under Conditions.

    • You can create multiple rules in both inclusion and exclusion lists.

    • When you select NSX Manager, you can add exceptions in both the lists. You can define exception if you want the inclusion or the exclusion rule to hold exception for a particular entity.

    • You can also specify Custom Search by writing your own query to include or exclude entities.

  7. Select Enable Notifications if you want to configure when the notifications have to be sent. Specify the email address and the frequency at which you would like to receive the emails.