Pinboards are how you group pins together. You can pin any widget from any page to make it easier to access various data.

To create a pinboard:

  1. Click Pinboards and select the pins that you want to add to the pinboard from the Saved Pins section.

  2. Click Create New Pinboard.

  3. Enter the name of the pinboard, add a note related to any information that you want to share with others, and enter the email IDs or name of the users with whom you want to share the pinboard and click Create.

  4. To add a pin to an existing pinboard, after selecting the pin, click Add beside an existing pinboard where you want to add the pin.

To share the pinboard link:

  1. Click Share on the rightmost side of the pinboard.

  2. Click Copy to copy the link. You can share this link only with the users whom you have added in the "Share Pinboard with" list during the creation of the pinboard.

To view the pinboard by using the time selector:

You can also jump to a pinboard view on a particular date and time by using the time selector.

  1. In the time selector just next to Jump, select Custom time or Current Time to view the flow of data for a particular pin.

  2. Click Update. The flow of data for that particular pin can be seen for the given time.