This page displays the license details and the product version number that you are currently using.

Add License

vRealize Network Insight supports the addition of multiple licenses.

To add a license:

  1. In the About page, click Add License.

  2. Provide the license key for the New License Key field

  3. Click Validate.

  4. Click Activate.

  5. You can see the list of licenses in the page.

  6. You can also delete the license by clicking the delete icon next to the Expiration column. If the license belongs to an Enterprise edition and if it is the last remaining Enterprise edition in the system, then ensure that you have deleted the AWS account before you delete the Enterprise license.

Change License

In the event of expiry of evaluation license, when you log in to the product, a message appears stating that the license has expired and that you need to renew your license. Follow the steps below to change license.

To change license:

  1. Click the link contained in the Expiry message to go to the Change License page. Alternatively, in Settings, click About, and then click Change License.

  2. In the Change License page, in New License Key, enter the new license key you received from VMware.

  3. Click Validate.

  4. Click Activate.