The NI Collector dashboard provides a snapshot of the properties, changes, and problems of a particular collector node.

  • Properties: This pin provides details of the node such as name, IP address, CPU cores, memory, the last upgraded time, and the version. You can get the following information from this pin:

    • IP Address and the version of the node

    • Brick Size

    • The time at which it was rebooted last

    • The number of CPU cores

    • The number of data source that were added on it

    • The size of memory, total disk space used, and the total data disk space used


      The values mentioned for the storage are all approximate values.

    • The time including the year when it was last upgraded

    • Netmask

    • The NTP server and the DNS server details

    • Search Domain

    • The total number of VMs running on this particular collector

    • The time when the last activity was done

  • Open Problems(Collectors): This pin lists all the open problems related to the collector.

  • Open Problems (Data Sources): This pin lists all the open problems related to the data sources.

  • Data Source Changes and Problems: This widget highlights the changes that occurred in the data source in the last seven days.

  • Data Sources and NetFlow Reporters: This widget provides you the details of the data sources and the NetFlow reporters available in the collector. The number of flows are shown for each NetFlow reporter. For data sources, the number of flows and the discovered VMs are shown.

  • Metrics: Click Collector Metrics to get the graphical representation of the metrics such as CPU Usage, Memory Usage, and Data Disk Usage